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Hey, El Paso County, You’re No. 1!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the rising populations in counties along the Front Range represented 85 percent of the state’s growth in 2017.

El Paso County’s population rose the most in 2017, increasing by 12,526 people, followed by Weld County with 10,390 people and Denver County with 9,844 people.

While Denver remains the Colorado county with the highest population – 704,621 people – El Paso County is close behind with 699,232 people.

State population forecasts show that El Paso County could initially surpass Denver in population in 2020. The two counties are expected to alternate as Colorado’s largest county until 2035, when El Paso County is expected to take the lead for good.

By 2050, Denver is expected to reach 952,000 people to El Paso County’s 1,076,000 people.

Local experts have offered a variety of theories for the population rise El Paso County has seen in recent years, from high quality of life to low property taxes.

The northern and eastern parts of the county, such as Monument and Falcon, are growing rapidly because housing prices are low relative to other parts of the Front Range.

The outdoor recreation opportunities in the Pikes Peak Region add to the appeal. But let’s not tell anyone!